Frac Tanks

Fracking requires a great deal of water to be available, often in sites that are difficult to access above ground and do not have access to water infrastructure.

We hire out Frac Tanks with over 70,000 litre capacity across the UK.

The Frac tanks are an efficient option for water storage, that bypasses the need to make any permanent impact on the environment.

Secondly they are suitable for emergency water storage as they are so quick to set up.

We can supply and deliver the tank itself and bring the water to fill it. Additionally we can remove it from site from site and remove any waste liquid.

The floor of these Frac Tanks is on a gradient, allowing for easy cleaning. They are equipped with ladders for safe access, have a mechanical leaf-spring suspension and pneumatic lift systems.

The Frac Tanks for hire are made of reinforced carbon steel and are coated in a weather resistant chemical coating.

Call 0800 740 8888 to arrange to hire one of our Frac tanks.

We can deliver throughout the UK and the tanks are up to EU transportation standards.

What is a Frac Tank?

Frac Tanks are strong steel tanks especially designed to hold massive quantities of water for the Fracking industry. They are temporary storage units with a relatively small footprint.

Why do we use Frac Tanks?

Water and proppants are necessary for fracking. When a well is being fractured the Frac Tank supplies the water at a sufficient flow rate for it to be applied at high pressure and push open the rock.

Due to the tanks’ size and ease of use they facilitate large scale works. They are useful across the construction industry for holding huge amounts of liquid.